Career Navigation Program

Career Navigation Program

WEDO’s Career Navigation Program aims at guiding graduates to land their ideal jobs within 3 months in the competitive Canadian market. A team of experienced career advisors, and HR experts will provide students with a practical step-by-step approach to job hunting starting from an online career assessment, resume and cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile creation, to setting up an email tracking services to maximize interview opportunities.  In addition, WEDO will facilitate the development of our clients’ job-hunting skills and conduct mock interviews to best prepare them to launch their careers.

Prospective Clients

  • Our program is geared toward university or college student who are currently seeking career opportunities and new immigrants wanting to understand and break into the North American job market.


Program Content & Highlights

Step 1 Career Exploration & Goal Setting (Week 1) 

  • Discovery and exploration of career goals 

  • Assessment our student’s strengths and weaknesses in the area of interest 

  • Setting of job search goals and pinpointing the competencies for each particular job  

  • Creation of an Action Plan to meet short and long-term goals

Step 2 Resume and LinkedIn Profile Crafting (Week 2)

  • Based on career goals, gaining of knowledge, skills and tools needed to create a resume and cover letter 

  • Building an effective LinkedIn profile that captures our client’s competencies 

  • Subsequent meetings to work on resumes and cover letters 


Step 3 Job Referrals and Job-Hunting Coaching (Weeks 3-12)

  • Guidance of mentees during job-hunting process with resources, networking opportunities, and internal referral opportunities 

  • Evaluation of hard skills and knowledge particular to job sector 

  • Unlimited access to HR workshops and webinars led by a team of industry leaders 

  • Ongoing assistance in writing resumes and cover letters tailored to job postings  

  • Weekly mock interviews to improve job seekers’ chances for success 

  • Conducting of informational sessions, networking, or applying to jobs including internships and mentorship opportunities 

  • Meeting with industry leaders to receive insight on Canadian work culture 

  • Additional support and continual job search assistance through job postings and partnership connections 

  • By week 12, completion of 6-10 interviews in chosen career path and securing a first offer


Step 4 Onboarding Follow-Up (3-6 months mark)
Clients will have either started working at current workplace and further enhancing their skills in their chosen field or established a long-term goal while continuing to work, gain experience, network and interview.


  • Weekly 60-minute consultation to understand skills and adaptability to the new work environment 

  • Bi-weekly ongoing support by Career Advisor through email, phone, in person or virtually


Step 5 VIP Bonus Program

Outstanding students will receive VIP bonus credits for and receive priority referral opportunities.